Hello, If you would like to donate today, please press the button below: 

Oregon Voters get up to a $50.00 direct tax rebate on political contributions. You can give it to me or the state, your choice.    

Where does the money go: 

The money goes to the targeted phone, text, and social media campaigns designed to notify people of upcoming events, coffees, meetings, and gatherings to support a grassroots movement. The grassroots movement is designed to do three things:

1. Long Term - Build a network of networks designed to unite conservatives and traditional moderates in advocating for our values. 

2. Short-Term  Victory -  Force the incumbent, who is the Speaker of the Oregon State Assembly, to spend time and resources on the election taking them from other efforts. The district was gerrymandered last year cutting out about 50% of the conservative demographics ensuring his election so they wouldn't have to expend resources here.  

3. Short-Term Icing on the Cake -Defeat my incumbent. My incumbent redrew the district last year leaving the political demographic as 46% Democrat, 16% Republican, 31% Non-Affiliated, 4% Independent, 3% rest (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Other, Working Families). That means I have to unite republicans, non-affiliated, independents, a few democrat traditional moderates, and independents to advocate for their values - most of which are very close to each other on most issues. To do so, I must do a lot of grassroots campaigning and a big effort getting people there.