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  • Any deviation from the Bill of Rights must be limited, focused on, and publicly debated. 

  • Do the right thing for the right reason - then be truthful when explaining it to the people. 

  • It is not just, nor truthful, to hide important facts, lie, or mislead the voters in order to secure support for a bill.  

  • Own the bad unintended consequences of bad policy. LEARN from it. 

  • Do not use state power to punish political enemies or constituents who have different political opinions. Respect and listen to the other arguments (See balance below).

  • Be true to thyself. 

  • Do not surrender the legislative responsibilities given to me by voters to academia, the highest bidder, or unelected bureaucrats. 


  • Good policy lay between the polar opposites of any argument. Intolerance of a differing opinion from a huge proportion of a population is NOT a democracy, and cannot be disregarded as a mere lack of education or intelligence. 

  • Be mindful of the balance of individual rights (Bill of Rights) versus collective good.  

  • Balance human needs with nature's needs.

  • Balance the emotional versus rational in all policies. 

  • Be mindful of the practical realities of technology versus the "unreachable" desires of good intentions...and the pain it can cause on the innocent when the privileged political ideologues put unreasonable demands on the poor, middle, and lower-middle classes.  


  • Good intentions do not make a failing policy successful. Judge policies on affect, not intentions.

  • Do not "secretly" use the "stick and carrot" technique to FORCE the district's citizens to change their values. It always turns "bad" causing the government to become oppressive. 

  • Admit there are "tragic" problems for which there are no good solutions. In such cases, it is likely policy to help a few will hurt "many more". Have empathy and help those "many more". 

  • There are some cases where doing nothing may be the best long-term strategy because all short-term solutions will actually create more problems. Be wise enough to recognize those issues and brave enough to do nothing. 

  • The ends very rarely justify oppressive means; historically, the oppressive means always become the oppressive end. In a democracy, state-sponsored coercion to force one targeted segment of society to change their values and culture is state-sponsored oppression - even if the majority of citizens want it. The tyranny of the majority does not make it right.  

  • The administrative state is NOT infallible and government employees, politicians, and donors are not esoteric angels sent to earth. They can be as good, bad, greedy, vengeful, or petty as any person on earth. 

  • An "out of control"  business can be stopped by government - there is nothing to stop an "out of control" government.